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Uses of umbrellas

Who invented the umbrella? People have different opinions. Some people say that the Egyptians were the first to use umbrellas. As early as 1200 BC, Egyptian nobles often asked slaves to hold umbrellas for them when they travelled. In fact, China is the hometown of umbrellas. Umbrellas appeared as early as 4000 years ago. According to the "Historical Records", the earliest umbrella was called "Gai", such as "Qin Ye, the prime minister of the five doctors, does not sit and ride in the heat, and he does not cover it in the summer." Another example: "Confucius will go, rain without cover." The cover mentioned here is an umbrella. According to "The Source of Umbrellas", in ancient times, umbrellas were mostly made of silk and silk. After the invention of paper, paper umbrellas appeared, and they were called green-oiled paper umbrellas in Song Dynasty. Later, it was used not only to keep out the rain, but also to shade.
 The size of the umbrella shows the status
 The history of Europeans using umbrellas is very short. Umbrellas were first introduced to Europe simply for shelter from wind and rain. Early umbrellas were very heavy. Lifting it is like lifting dumbbells. Therefore, only some nobles have it in their homes, and they are only held by servants for the master to shuttle between the gate and the castle short-circuit in order to wait for the carriage. It was not until the 17th century that a bold gentleman and famous traveler Jonas Hanway brought the umbrella back to Europe. When Londoners first saw Jonas Hanway strolling casually on the streets of London with a weird thing, they regarded him as a lunatic, people hit him with rocks, ladies screamed to avoid, and coachmen. Chasing him freely, thinking that he has blasphemed the will of the gods. But Jonas boldly faced people's ridicule. Soon, more and more people on the streets of London were holding a stick with something like a tarp over it. If it had not had the courage of Jonas Hanway at the time, the foggy Britain would not have the reputation of the Umbrella Kingdom today.
 For women only   express love
Umbrellas were used exclusively for women, which represented a woman's attitude towards love. The umbrella is erected to express loyalty to love; the left hand holds the opened umbrella, which means "I have no free time now"; the umbrella slowly shakes, expressing lack of confidence or distrust; the umbrella is placed on the right shoulder, expressing Don't want to see you again.
 In the 19th century, men began to use umbrellas. Umbrellas have gradually become an indispensable part of the lives of British people. They are necessary for London businessmen and officials. The symbol of British people-John Bull holds an umbrella in his hand.
 Umbrellas have many uses and are sometimes used as weapons. There is a kind of tear gas umbrella in Britain. If you encounter a criminal, you can spray tear gas by pressing the handle of the umbrella to drive the criminal away. There is a kind of umbrella that can be sprayed with pepper to prevent evil dogs from chasing and biting. Some umbrella handles are equipped with lights that can illuminate the way. There are also taboos to use an umbrella. If the umbrella falls on the ground, don't pick it up by yourself, otherwise bad luck will come. Do not open the umbrella in the house or put it on the bed, otherwise it will be unlucky.
 Umbrella shops in the UK are concentrated on Pedily Street in London. Among them is a gorgeous store called swine Adeney Brigg, this store has existed in 1750, it has almost become synonymous with the top British umbrellas. How expensive is a small umbrella here? A checkered golf umbrella is priced at approximately £60; a top-of-the-line umbrella with black silk and a black crocodile leather handle is priced at approximately £495; a standard nylon fabric and wooden handle The price of the umbrella is about 105 pounds.

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