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Why are clear umbrellas and sun umbrellas so popular?

transparent umbrella
Transparent umbrellas are fashionable and personalized umbrellas that women love. They are suitable for cloudy and rainy days with poor visibility, and the transparent umbrella cloth has a brighter view. There are many colors of transparent umbrellas. The common ones are pure, colorless and transparent. In addition, there are other colors. Some transparent umbrellas are printed with personalized and fashionable patterns, which increase the fashion and interest. The styles include straight, Folded etc. The umbrella surface of this kind of umbrella is mostly made of thin plastic, which is easy to damage and cheap. Most of the people who use transparent umbrellas are women.


Sun umbrella
A sun umbrella is an umbrella mainly used to block direct sunlight.
The choice of UV protection umbrella mainly depends on the fabric of the umbrella. Studies have shown that thicker fabrics have better anti-ultraviolet properties than thinner ones. Generally speaking, cotton, silk, nylon, viscose and other fabrics have poor anti-ultraviolet effects, while polyester is better; The thicker the anti-ultraviolet performance, the better it is, in fact, it is not the case. For example, the Paradise Umbrella series has developed a thin but very tight fabric, and its protective performance is far superior to that of ordinary fabrics. In addition, the darker the anti-ultraviolet performance, the better, and satin fabric is the best. , followed by twill and plain.
Relevant experts also remind consumers to recognize the anti-ultraviolet performance label. Domestic and foreign standards generally use the UPF value, that is, the ultraviolet protection factor value, to evaluate the UV protection performance of textiles. The UPF value is the ratio of the average radiation dose of ultraviolet rays to unprotected skin. The larger the UPF value, the better the UV protection performance. The upcoming national standard stipulates that only when the UPF is greater than 30 and the UVA transmittance is less than 5%, it can be called an anti-ultraviolet product, and the protection level is marked as UPF30+; and when the UPF is greater than 50, it indicates that the product’s Ultraviolet protection performance is excellent, and the protection level is marked as UPF50+.
On the market of sunscreen products this summer, anti-ultraviolet sun umbrellas are very popular. When choosing an anti-ultraviolet sun umbrella, consumers should grasp its characteristics in order to pick a good umbrella that is satisfactory from appearance to quality.

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