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What new creative umbrellas do you know?

Car safety umbrella: a car safety umbrella with special functions, the umbrella handle is equipped with a safety hammer or a window breaker. In a critical situation, you can smash the window, cut the seat belt, and escape in an emergency.
Water Gun Umbrella: This is a water gun umbrella designed by Alex Ulun designer, which collects rainwater through the concave top and transports water to the gun barrel through the umbrella handle, so as long as it rains, you will never run out of water.” bullet".
Storm Umbrella: Designed to be aerodynamic, the umbrella maker says it can withstand storms with winds of up to 10.
Couple Umbrella: This umbrella holds up "two days" for couples. However, when it is closed, it looks no different from an ordinary umbrella.


Perfume umbrella: The designer improved the folding method of the umbrella, and the final folded umbrella hangs on the shelf like a colorful wine bottle. It seems that you are really deceived by this appearance of cultural connotation. Due to the derived meaning of umbrella in sociology, in ancient China, umbrella was a symbol of the power of emperors, generals, officials and nobles. And the level is strict. The material, color and size of the umbrella are like the black gauze on the head and the court clothes on the body. For example, the Han Dynasty stipulated that Jiuqing and three public officials who eat millet above 2,000 stone use black umbrellas, and officials above the third grade use blue umbrellas. In the Song Dynasty, the emperor used red and yellow, and the commoners all used blue.
Therefore, in ancient times, the sedan chairs or cars that emperors or high-ranking officials took on patrols were covered with umbrellas to show "shade the common people". Therefore, this kind of umbrella is also called "cool umbrella", "Luo umbrella", "Wanmin umbrella", and the written language is also called "huagai". T151 Qin Shihuang Mausoleum bronze chariots and horses, T131 "Hua Gai" in the thousand-mile walk alone, are all signs of the identity of the umbrella man. The most magnificent and fullest performance of this kind of using an umbrella to enter the guard of honor may be the "Ming People Exiting the Police Entry Map" issued by Taiwan Province. Two quintuple sheets are also added with partial enlarged pictures.
Only the second piece of the entry picture, red, green, yellow, blue, and white "Luo Umbrellas" are colorful. In the third and fifth pieces of the "warning picture", there are both left and right symmetrical temporarily closed, carrying On the shoulders, there is another one that is open in the middle and is on the move, full of excitement and mighty, it can be said to be prominent. It is precisely because the umbrella has the function of symbolizing prosperity and wealth, so there is also the custom of holding umbrellas in oriental folk weddings. This is vividly depicted in the folk wedding stamps issued by Macau and North Korea.

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