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What is the connotation of the creative umbrella?

Among the contemporary art works, the first oil painting "Chairman Mao Goes to Anyuan" created by Liu Chunhua during the Cultural Revolution, which endows it with sociological or political symbolism, is the most important. In the painting, dark clouds cover the sun, and the mountains and rains are about to come. Mao Zedong walked on the dense mountain road with an umbrella in his hand. Since July 1, 1968, the painting was sent to the whole country with the "two newspapers and one magazine", and it was printed as a color leaflet and put on stamps, becoming the most widely printed art in the history of world art (over 900 million in total) work. In October 1995, China Guardian Auction Company sold the original painting for RMB 6.05 million, which once again caused a sensation at home and abroad.


In 1937, when Kong Xiangxi visited Germany, he was very satisfied with his talks with Hitler, with a smile on his face from time to time (the picture of Kong Xiangxi and Hitler standing under an umbrella was widely circulated as above). On December 2, Taudeman traveled from Shanghai to Nanjing, accompanied by Deputy Foreign Minister Xu Mo. Chiang Kai-shek convened a meeting of senior Kuomintang generals to discuss the conditions proposed by the Japanese side. After the meeting, Jiang met with Toddman and put forward three points to him: first, take Japan's proposal as the basis for the peace talks; second, maintain the integrity of the territorial sovereignty of North China; Chiang Kai-shek suspected that "what the Japanese say does not count" and hoped that Germany would be a notary for both sides in the peace talks. Toudman said that Germany can only act behind the scenes, and it is inconvenient to participate in the negotiations publicly. Because the Japanese army sent troops to rely on their own strength, they did not wait for the German mediation to mature and continued to advance to Nanjing. On December 5, Jiang hurriedly left Nanjing. On the 13th, Nanjing fell, and the second German mediation came to a standstill.
Umbrellas are not only an ancient daily necessities, but also not only the decorations of official guards, but also commonly used props in opera, singing and dancing, and acrobatics. The stamp of "The Legend of the White Snake" issued by Taiwan Province in 1983 reflected the scene of "borrowing an umbrella from West Lake". love story. And the national folk art with umbrella as the central props is reflected in many Chinese and foreign stamps.

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