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What are three-fold umbrellas and multi-fold umbrellas?

The three-fold umbrella is a kind of rain gear. As the name suggests, it is an umbrella that can be folded in three folds, can be opened, and is easy to carry. The three-fold umbrella has a compact, firm and durable structure, and can be used in both weather and rain.
The 19th century was the golden age for the development of umbrellas. With the continuous progress of society, people invented many new materials and created various lightweight and practical umbrellas. It was during this period that the three-fold umbrella appeared. With the fluctuation of international raw material prices, the profits of tri-fold umbrellas are also under certain challenges. How to deal with these crises, the Umbrella Industry Association actively carries out brand awareness promotion, advocates high quality and high efficiency, in order to improve product competitiveness.
After more than ten years of development, the three-fold umbrella has established a complete umbrella industry system from raw material suppliers, manufacturers, and sellers, gradually improving the comprehensive competitiveness of folding umbrellas in the umbrella industry, in order to achieve greater development. space.
multi-fold umbrella
A multi-fold umbrella, comprising a middle rod (1), an upper nest (2) fixed on the top of the middle rod (1), a lower nest (3) slidingly socketed with the middle rod (1), and a support Multiple ribs (5) of the umbrella surface (8); the umbrella surface (8) is an umbrella surface of unequal width, that is, the distance between the front edge of the umbrella surface and the middle stick (1) is small, and the rear of the umbrella surface The distance between the edge and the middle rod (1) is large; correspondingly, the ribs (5) include the front ribs (53), the ribs on both sides (52) and the rear ribs (51), so The front ribs (53) have fewer folds, and the rear ribs (51) have more folds. The rear part of the multi-folding umbrella of the utility model has a larger shielding area, which can prevent people from getting wet behind when it rains heavily, and has a good front view and has the effect of wind protection.

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