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What are the options for umbrellas?

Buy umbrellas according to the age and gender of the buyer:
1. Young girls can choose silk umbrellas or nylon umbrellas with bright colors and delicate decorations; they can also choose three-section nylon folding umbrellas that are easy to store and carry in women's handbags, and crystal clear transparent umbrellas are also good choices.
2. Young men are required to be light and flexible, and they can choose a two-section or three-section folding umbrella with a plain nylon surface;


3. For elderly people who are slow to move, they can buy lightweight nylon-faced plum-bone long-handled umbrellas with different specifications of 55-65 cm. On sunny days, the umbrella can also be used as a walking stick.
4. Children are lively and active. You can choose a children's flower cloth umbrella with a spherical plastic cap on the top of the umbrella and a plastic sleeve at the end of the umbrella rib. Its color is best equipped with a certain child protection color, that is, yellow. When holding an umbrella, the surface of the umbrella is opaque and blocks the line of sight, and the yellow visibility is strong. Children walking outside with a yellow umbrella can easily attract the attention of car drivers, thereby ensuring the safety of children walking. In addition, blind people should also buy sunny umbrellas with yellow umbrellas.

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