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What are the different characteristics of umbrellas with different folding numbers?

Umbrellas vary greatly in the number of folds depending on their functional design.
Generally speaking, according to the number of folds, the umbrella market is mainly divided into four categories: straight umbrellas (one fold), two (two) fold umbrellas, three fold umbrellas, and five fold umbrellas. The so-called several-fold umbrella means that the skeleton (keel) of the umbrella can be folded several times. For example, the two-fold umbrella means that the umbrella stand can be folded twice.
First of all, a straight umbrella or a folding umbrella. Mainly umbrellas are in the majority, and there are also sunny and rainy ones. Almost all umbrella manufacturers produce such straight umbrellas. The advantage is that the umbrella ribs are generally steel frames, which are strong and durable, and the elderly can also use them as crutches. The disadvantage is that it is long, generally not very convenient to carry, and takes up space.
Next, introduce the two-fold umbrella. This discount is generally for high-end parasols and foreign umbrellas. Children's shoes who are familiar with parasols may know that two-fold umbrellas are generally more expensive. This is because they generally have a solid skeleton design, and the fabrics are mostly embroidery, imported colored tape, etc., coupled with exquisite design and good workmanship, so the price is positioned at the middle and high end. Main advantages: The quality is undeniable, the design is beautiful, it is easy to carry, and the effect of wind and sun protection is very good. Disadvantages: slightly heavier than 50% off and 30% off umbrellas (maybe not a disadvantage).
Then: let’s talk about the three-fold umbrella. These three-fold umbrellas are widely distributed, and most umbrellas and parasols are generally designed in this way. If you don't believe me, you can take out your umbrella and check it out. Most of them are 30% off. It should be said that this is a moderate design, unassuming and low-key. In terms of texture and use, it is a relatively moderate design. The quality is good, the service life is long, the sun protection and windproof are better, the weight is moderate, and the length is also moderate. The whole is also moderate, and it is a relatively popular and practical design concept.
Finally, let’s talk about the five-fold umbrella. This type of umbrella is known for its short size and portability. It is mainly aimed at the problem of long and heavy umbrellas, and it is designed with resin bones and high-grade aluminum alloy frames. Many parasols are designed to be 50% off. The main disadvantage is the umbrella ribs, which cannot bear the wind, heavy rain and heavy umbrella ribs. Therefore, it is more sensible to use this kind of umbrella for sun protection, and be careful for wind and rain protection.

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