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What are the characteristics of vinyl layered fabrics and oiled paper umbrellas?

Compared with other umbrella fabrics, vinyl layer fabric has the following advantages:
1. It is not easy to age, and the silver glue fabric is easy to cause the coating to age and fall off after long-term use;
2. To cool down, the sunshade made of vinyl layer fabric can effectively cool down by 3-5°C in the sun;
3. Super anti-ultraviolet, the real anti-ultraviolet performance of parasols on the market is different due to the different vinyl coating process or fabric quality. The more convenient inspection method is: use the flashlight flashlight on the mobile phone, Use the umbrella fabric against the flash to see if there are any light leaks.
The oil-paper umbrella is a kind of paper umbrella that originated in China. It has also spread to other parts of Asia such as Japan, North Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and other places, and oil-paper umbrellas with local characteristics have been developed in various places. Oil-paper umbrellas are not only a daily necessities to keep out the sun and rain, but also an indispensable item in marriage customs and etiquette. In traditional Chinese weddings, when the bride gets married and gets off the sedan chair, the bride will cover the bride with a red oil-paper umbrella to avoid evil spirits. .
In traditional Japanese weddings, the bride is also covered by a red oil-paper umbrella. The elderly prefer purple umbrellas, which symbolize longevity, and white umbrellas are used for funerals. Oil-paper umbrellas are also used as props in traditional Japanese dances, and "fan umbrellas" are used in tea ceremony performances.
Most of the umbrellas used in daily life are foreign umbrellas, and oil-paper umbrellas are mostly sold as artworks and souvenirs for tourists.

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