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How did umbrella develop?

Umbrella is a tool that can provide a cool environment or cover rain, snow, sunlight, etc. China is the earliest country in the world to invent an umbrella. Umbrella is an important creation of the Chinese working people. It was called "们" at the time. From the yellow umbrella that the emperor travels to the people, it can be said that the umbrella is closely related to people's lives. Affected by Chinese culture, many Asian countries have a long time to use umbrellas, while Europe has begun to swept Chinese umbrellas until the 16th century.
After the birth of umbrellas in China, as the opening and exchanges are increasingly expanded, it has gradually passed to foreign countries.
In the Tang Dynasty, Japan sent 19 batches of "Tang envoys" to China, more than 500 people, including doctors, artists, musicians, and scholars in all aspects. They went to China to observe and learn Chinese culture. Music, art and other cultures brought to Japan, including a variety of production technologies and manufacturing processes including umbrella technology.
Umbrellas were introduced to Europe via Greece, Italy and Turkey.
It began to popularize in France in 1620.


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