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How are umbrellas classified?

Umbrellas can generally be divided into utility umbrellas and craft umbrellas.
The craft umbrella is a wonderful flower among the national handicrafts of our country. The rib of the umbrella is selected light bamboo, and the umbrella surface is folded and restored to a natural bamboo joint by complicated handwork. The umbrella surface is made of oil paper, lace, and silk as raw materials. The patterns can be divided into brush umbrellas, painting umbrellas, and embroidery umbrellas. Each of them has formed a unique artistic style, and each has its own unique beauty.

The lace umbrella is also very famous. It uses high-quality cotton thread to pick and embroider the umbrella surface of various patterns. The handle, rod and cap of the umbrella are exquisitely made of high-grade wood. The oil-paper umbrella is made of high-quality wood, bamboo, vellum, tung oil, etc., with a unique style. The paper umbrella can protect from rain and shade.

The oil-paper umbrella is made of high-quality wood, bamboo, vellum, and tung oil.
Transparent umbrellas have become popular in recent years and are loved by young women. In domestic and foreign movies and TV series, many heroines have appeared under transparent umbrellas. For example, in the third and fourth seasons of the American drama "Gossip Girl", the heroine Queen B and Queen S each held a happy gathering on the street with crystal clear, bubble-like transparent birdcage umbrellas, which left a deep impression on everyone. There are many colors of transparent umbrellas, the common ones are pure, colorless and transparent, in addition to blue, green, red, pink, yellow, purple, etc., and some transparent umbrellas are printed with personalized and fashionable patterns, increasing the Fashionable and interesting, styles include straight rods, foldables, etc. The umbrella surface of this kind of umbrella is mostly made of thin plastic, which is easy to damage and cheap.


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