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Has the umbrella developed into a family?

Nowadays, umbrellas are no longer used in the traditional sense only for sheltering from wind and rain. Its family can be said to have proliferated and have many styles. There are lampshade umbrellas placed on desks and coffee tables, beach umbrellas with a diameter of more than two meters, parachutes necessary for pilots, automatic umbrellas that can be folded freely, and small colored umbrellas used for decoration... …
With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, people's pursuit of the style and function of umbrellas is also constantly seeking new ones, so some multi-functional and new style umbrellas are constantly being invented. For example, a very unique umbrella has appeared in Japan. There is a radio on the umbrella handle. Once the umbrella is opened, you can hear beautiful music.
In addition, the Japanese also invented a shoe umbrella for the situation that the ordinary umbrella cannot prevent the shoes from getting wet in the rain. This kind of umbrella stands on the tip of the shoe, and when it rains, it can prevent the shoes and feet from getting wet, but when the umbrella is not opened, it is a decoration on the head of the shoe. There is also a scented umbrella abroad. Once the umbrella is opened, the fragrance is strong. You can imagine how comfortable it is to hold such an umbrella in the rain.


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