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Do you know what the folding number of the handle umbrella is?

The umbrellas of the handle umbrella are very different in the folding number according to the different functional designs.
Generally speaking, according to the number of folds, umbrellas in the umbrella market are mainly divided into four categories: straight umbrellas (one fold), two (two) fold umbrellas, three fold umbrellas, and five fold umbrellas. The so-called several folds and several folds of umbrellas means that the skeleton (keel) of the umbrella can be folded several times. For example, a two-fold umbrella means that the umbrella stand can be folded twice.
A straight umbrella or a folded umbrella. There are mostly umbrellas, and there are also dual-use umbrellas. All umbrella manufacturers almost produce such straight umbrellas. The advantage is that the umbrella ribs are generally steel frames, which are strong and durable, and the elderly can also use them as crutches. The disadvantage is that it is long, generally not very convenient to carry, and takes up space.
Two fold umbrellas, the folds are generally high-end parasols and foreign umbrellas. Children who are familiar with parasols may know that two-fold umbrellas are generally more expensive. This is because their general skeleton design is stable, the fabrics are mostly embroidery, imported color tape, etc., plus the exquisite design and good workmanship, so the price is positioned in the middle and high end. The main advantages: the quality has nothing to say, the design is very beautiful, it is convenient to carry, and the wind and sun protection effect is very good. Disadvantages: Slightly heavier than the 50% and 300% umbrellas (maybe not a disadvantage).


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