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Do you know what the automatic umbrella structure is like?

Automatic umbrella that can automatically open and close the umbrella: there is a compression spring sheath outside the umbrella opening compression spring, the compression spring sheath is sleeved in the skeleton connecting sleeve, and there are radial clips on the skeleton connecting sleeve, and the two ends of the clip are wedge-shaped, It can be slid left and right. There is a spring latch on the outside of the skeleton connecting sleeve. Above the umbrella handle, there are sliding multi-threaded spiral inner and outer sleeves. There are matching multi-threaded threads between them. The sleeve can be extended to compress the parachute compression spring, and the clips on the skeleton connector can position the parachute compression spring after it is in place.


The spring umbrella closing device can be the umbrella closing compression spring between the umbrella top frame connector and the umbrella opening frame connector. Press the switch, the umbrella opening compression spring can open the umbrella, compress the closing umbrella compression spring, and pull down the spring. The latch, the clip slides out, the umbrella closing pressure spring closes the umbrella, and the sliding spiral outer sleeve is rotated to compress the umbrella opening pressure spring and prepare for the opening of the umbrella.

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