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Do you know what are the characteristics of a straight umbrella?

A straight umbrella, a kind of umbrella.
The role of straight umbrella
Straight umbrellas are made of various materials, including iron, fiber, solid wood and aluminum alloy. Advertising umbrellas made of iron rods are the most commonly used and can be seen everywhere in our daily life. Sun umbrellas made of fiber and aluminum alloys are more high-end than those made of iron, but the price is slightly higher.
The umbrella cloth of the straight umbrella is also very various, including polyester, bumper, nylon, Oxford, TNT, etc. It is widely used in business. With the diversification of advertising forms, straight umbrellas will also be diversified.


First, great liquidity:
The straight umbrella has the advantage of preventing rain wherever it goes;
Second, good quality and low price:
The straight umbrella has the advantages of low advertising investment cost, fast manufacturing process, and deep impression on consumers;
Third, the practical use is wide:
The straight umbrella has the functions of sheltering from the wind on cloudy days, sheltering from rain on rainy days, and shading on sunny days. It is an indispensable daily necessities for men, women and children;

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