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Do you know the story of the umbrella?

In other countries of the world, the umbrella was once a symbol of solemnity and regal. The king of Thailand is a layman, with a golden umbrella standing behind him. The title of the Burmese monarch is the King of the Giant Umbrella. Every time the emperor of Japan travels, there is always an umbrella holder to accompany him respectfully. Each of these umbrellas has its own characteristics.
Umbrellas were introduced to Japan from China during the Tang Dynasty. In 781 AD, on the streets of the capital Chang'an (now Xi'an, Shaanxi Province), one day it suddenly rained. People walking in and out of the street walked by with umbrellas. Only one Japanese monk who came to study in China did not have an umbrella. He touched his wet bald head, as if he understood something. When he returned to China, he bought a lot of umbrellas, brought them to Japan by all means, and gave them to relatives and friends. Since then, umbrellas have become popular in Japan.

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In 1747, the British merchant Hanwei went to Guangzhou, China to handle goods. He felt good when he saw people walking in the rain with black cloth umbrellas. Before returning home, I brought an umbrella back to London. In 1750, when he opened his umbrella under the London Clock Tower to cover the rain, he was ridiculed by passers-by as a monster: "Ha, a man doesn't respect the will of God, it's too shameful to hide under a monster and not come out." Others To accuse him is disrespectful to God and should be punished. Hanwei ignored it and took an umbrella on the street every day to promote the benefits of using an umbrella.

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