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Do you know the history of umbrella development? (one)

In 1100 BC, the Chinese had already used umbrellas, which were already used to indicate identity at that time. The rib is made of bamboo or sandalwood and is covered with an umbrella made of leaves or feathers. The word "umbrella" appeared in English in the 12th century AD. Europe used to have only parasols, but in 1733, Parisians made umbrellas out of tarpaulins. In 1750, Britain's Hanwei brought an umbrella back to London after traveling abroad, which caused a sensation.

In 1874 Hawkes, a metal-drawer in the Decca area near the ear of the snow, patented the curved steel rib. With this rib, the umbrella can be tightened, and has since become a common rain gear for British gentlemen. In 1930, Berliner Haupt invented the telescopic umbrella. Some people in the academic circle also say that the Chinese people invented the umbrella during the Three Kingdoms period in the 4th century AD.


The paper industry in the Tang Dynasty was very developed, and paper was widely used in society. Some craftsmen apply tung oil on the paper to make a rain-proof oil-paper umbrella as a supplement to the Luo umbrella (that is, the Lingluo fabric umbrella). Who knows how popular it is. For a time, the scene of everyone holding paper umbrellas in the rain can be seen everywhere in Chang'an. Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang of the Ming Dynasty clearly stipulated that common people were not allowed to use Luo umbrellas, but only paper umbrellas. The folks of the Qing Dynasty produced a large number of black cloth umbrellas in Guangdong, Fujian and other places and sold them abroad.

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