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Do you know how umbrellas have developed in various countries?

Umbrella first appeared in New York in the late 18th century, when there was chaos on the streets. The women shouted, thinking that this monster, which could stretch and shrink, could almost scare people to death. Naughty children followed behind, and kept throwing stones at the umbrella holder...
It can be seen from this that for an invention to be recognized by the society and a commodity to be accepted by people, it is by no means a simple, easy, and light-hearted thing, and sometimes there are many misunderstandings and twists and turns.
Decades later, the Pope became interested in umbrellas. He used God's name as an umbrella to clear his wrongs. When the Pope appeared on the stage, he was waited by someone with an umbrella to show his solemnity and solemnity.


Umbrellas are not only tools that people use, but also a collectible.
In France, there is a man named Yossoff Hamm, who is famous for his collection of all kinds of umbrellas in the world. He kept parasols used by European nobles nine centuries ago, paper umbrellas produced in Hangzhou, China, and various flower cloth umbrellas made in Japan. The smallest umbrella is only 3.5 centimeters long; the largest umbrella is 12 meters in diameter, and it is as big as half a basketball court.
The role of the umbrella is recognized by the majority of people, and it has become a must-have item for daily travel and going out. With the development of the umbrella industry, umbrellas with different characteristics: umbrellas with radios, scented umbrellas, umbrellas that can illuminate, riot-proof tear-jerking umbrellas, blind pathfinder umbrellas, etc. have all come out one after another, which brings a lot to people's lives. Convenient and fun.
With the advancement of the times, there are more and more varieties of umbrellas and more and more uses. Automatic umbrellas and folding umbrellas are no longer uncommon, and the handleless umbrella has returned to the "lotus leaf on the top of the head" and is worn on the heads of children and women cyclists. What radio umbrellas, solar umbrellas, blind umbrellas, riot umbrellas, etc. have also come out. In Venus City, Vermont, USA, people use a kind of foam plexiglass, which is light in weight, stronger than steel, and light-transmitting, as an umbrella surface, and a large skeleton is made of criss-crossed metal, and a huge electric motor is used. To operate a 67 meters high, 4000 square meters of the world's largest giant umbrella, this umbrella has become a tourist attraction in the United States.
From the lantern riddle of "a bamboo behind the door props up a house", to the praise of "the wind is bright and the sun is shining, you can retire when you are successful, and come forward at the juncture of wind and rain", which not only summarizes the function of the umbrella, but also praises the function of the umbrella. style. The exquisite flower umbrella unscrewed the rainy season in the south of the Yangtze River.
Since 2008, various and creative umbrellas have appeared on the market, such as kettle umbrellas and perfume umbrellas.

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