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Do you know how to identify the quality of an umbrella?

Check the quality of the umbrella, pay attention to the following points:
①The umbrella surface is full and there is no off-line phenomenon.
② Use 5-6 times in a row, the shoulder support should not fall off, and the support key should be firm.
③The shank, stem, bone, and surface should be intact, and the electroplated parts should be smooth.
④ The rainproof performance of the fabric should be strong, and the nylon umbrella surface should be airtight.
⑤ The button to open the automatic umbrella should be flexible; shake it gently so as not to open it by itself.


prevent umbrella turn over method
Umbrellas will be blown over in strong winds. Just open the umbrella, take a string, fasten one end to the nostril at the end of an umbrella bone, and then tighten the string around the
The ends of each rib are pulled tight and tied securely, and finally returned to the first rib and knotted. After several successful trials, just sew the string on the edge of the umbrella.
Umbrella Care
① After the umbrella is used, it should be placed in a ventilated and dry place to dry, and a small amount of lubricating oil should be applied to the ribs and handles to prevent rust and mildew.
② Before opening the umbrella, you should loosen the umbrella surface, straighten the ribs, and then slowly open it to prevent breakage. If the umbrella made of PVC fabric sticks together, do not open it hard. The place is separated by hand, and then slowly opened.
③ Do not hang the umbrella on the lime wall containing alkali to prevent the umbrella surface from becoming brittle.
④ Don't use umbrellas to pick things up, don't use umbrellas as walking sticks, and don't let umbrellas get close to high temperatures (especially transparent umbrellas made of plastic fabrics), which can prevent umbrellas from deforming.

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