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Do you know how the umbrella was invented?

Lu Ban was an ingenious craftsman of the State of Lu in the Spring and Autumn Period, and the contemporary Master Kong, who traveled around the world, would inevitably encounter the sun and rain, so he made a fixed umbrella in the car he traveled, which could not only shelter from the wind and rain, but also Shade from the heat. This kind of "umbrella" fixed with the car can be seen on the second "travel around the world" of the J162 "2540th Anniversary of the Birth of Confucius" commemorative stamp issued in 1989.
It is said that Lu Ban worked for the people in the countryside, and his daughter-in-law Yun delivered meals every day, and in the rainy season, she was often exposed to drenching. Luban designed and built some pavilions along the way, and in case of rain, he could take shelter in the pavilions for a while. Although the pavilion is good, it is always inconvenient to set up more, and in the spring, the face of the child changes three times a day, and in the summer thunderstorms come, so that "the thunder can't cover the ears". Yun Shi suddenly thought, "If only I had a small pavilion with me." After listening to his daughter-in-law's words, Lu Ban opened his mouth. According to the appearance of the pavilion, this Chinese inventor with high skills and omnipotence cut a piece of cloth, installed the movable skeleton, and installed the handle. So the world's first "umbrella" came out like this.


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