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Do you know about three-fold umbrellas and five-fold umbrellas?

The following introduces the three-fold umbrella.
These three-fold umbrellas are widely distributed, and most umbrellas and parasols are generally designed in this way. If you don't believe me, you can take out your umbrella and check it out. Mostly it's three percent off. It should be said that this is a relatively moderate design, which is not ostentatious and low-key. In terms of texture and use, it is a relatively moderate design. Good quality, long service life, good sun and wind protection, moderate weight and moderate length. The whole is also moderate, which is a more popular and practical design concept.
Then introduce the five-fold umbrella.
This type of umbrella is known for being short, compact and easy to carry. Mainly aimed at the long and heavy problems of general umbrellas, it is designed with resin bone and high-grade aluminum alloy skeleton. Many parasols are designed to be 50% off just like that. The main disadvantage is that the umbrella rib is too fragile, and the umbrella rib cannot withstand heavy wind and rain. Therefore, it is wiser to use this type of umbrella for sun protection, and be careful against wind and rain.


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